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Mar 8, 2013 6:00pm PST
over stan jacobson's death. but it also says stan brought people here into his life dangerous to his own well being. that is what investigators also believe. >> reporter: people at the hilltop manor city apartment are still reeling over the bizarre circumstances surrounding the disappearance of their friend 69-year-old stan jacobson missing since february 5th but who's body was discovered stabbed to death in his apartment yesterday. today police revealed the person arrested yesterday is 46- year-old regina butler and acquaintance of jacobson and a person seen with him. he talked with butler just before the arrest and confronted her about jacobson's disappearance asking her -- >> what happened to him the night you stayed with him the last night. she says i don't remember. i was on drugs, too drunk i don't know what happened. >> reporter: police are not releasing any details but brought out evidence that jacobson was trying to scam -- that butler was trying to scam jacobson over insurance money. police had been inside the unit during the weeks jacobson was missing. >> usually it's an o
Mar 8, 2013 10:00pm PST
stan jacobson had been missing for a month. yesterday his body was found inside his apartment even after police had looked there. many are now asking how this could happen. >> usually it's an odor. in this case it was basically hidden underneath enough things where the odor did not stand out. >> reporter: jacobson had been stabbed to death. police say investigators turned up evidence that butler was trying to scam jacobson over insurance money. >>> a ktvu investigation reveals just how many people may be trying to take guns through bay area airport security checkpoints. figures from the transportation security administration show 17 guns have been seized at oakland and san francisco international airports. that compares with about 1,050 guns confiscated nationwide. >> the fact that we are getting four to five guns every day indicates there are people who are not focused on the security protocalls. >> reporter: tsa files show that in recent months security have taken up knives even a rocket launcher. >>> allowing knives increedses the danger for flight attendants and pilots. a host
Mar 9, 2013 7:00am PST
- year-old stan jacobson whose body went unfound in his apartment for a month. butler was trying to scam him for insurance. >> a man has been arrested in a separate deadly stabbing this week. the 20-year-old killed a 27- year-old eric wright whose body was found on wednesday. we were there shortly after the find. the investigators say wright had been stabbed several times and they don't believe the killing was danger related. >> the where abouts of many california sex offenders is unknown. last year a law took effect that sent paroled sex offender who messed with their gps's to county jail but they are over crowded so must served little to no time at all. lawmakers say that makes them more likely to risk cutting off the devices, on wednesday the associated press reported the number of paroled offender who are fugitives is 15% higher than it was before the law went into effect. >> tomorrow cat haven plans to reopen. this is where an intern was killed by a lion on wednesday. diana hanson was attacked by a 4-year-old lion. the park has launched an investigation into the accident. the f
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3